About our Hair - extensions

We offer affordable hair extensions online


Since 1999, Connecting Hair’s commitment to product development and quality control has brought unprecedented growth and success to over 30 countries in the European Union and around the world. Today, we have our own production facilities with more than 600 employees to help ensure that our product development and quality control are second to none.

Our goal is not to be the biggest, but simply the best! That’s why we have created a unique warranty system to help protect our clients and give them the peace of mind and security they deserve when purchasing our natural hair extensions online, or any other product.


We never settle for second best. That’s why all of our products, including our reusable hair extensions, are made exclusively with 100% grade A Remy hair, the most expensive and beautiful human hair available in the world today.

What does this mean for our clients?

Connecting Hair is soft, silky and won’t dry out! All of our products are made with the hair cuticle still intact, which helps prevent it from drying out.

No tangling! Each individual cuticle is aligned in the same direction and exclusively “hand-stitched” to reduce the risk of tangling.

No damage! As the weight of the extension is evenly distributed this does not put stress on the natural hair and avoids breakage.

Our extensions are undetectable!

Do you want strangers walking up to you and asking: “Hey, how do you like your extensions? We know you don’t. When properly installed and maintained, our reusable hair extensions are 99% invisible. Now, all you will hear is: “Your hair looks beautiful”.

Our extensions won’t leave hair thin or damaged!

Our unique installation and attachment process distributes the weight of our product evenly onto the client’s natural hair. When it is removed, the client’s natural mane will remain unchanged instead of damaged, thin or distressed.

Who does it?

Our products are for everyone!

Our system does more than just create length. It is a fashion tool that will inspire even the most accomplished hairstylist:

  • Connecting adds volume and texture for thin or damaged hair
  • It will add colour for those looking to add highlights or depth without the use of chemical treatments
  • It gives innovative stylists the opportunity to create exciting new effects for all hair colours and types, whether short, long, straight or wavy. The number of uses for our extensions is limited only by the stylist’s imagination and skill!

If you too want to buy affordable and natural hair extensions online, browse our fantastic range now.