About Us

Connecting Hair Australia / Hair-Extensions/ Gold Coast ,Brisbane, Australia  is proud to bring you one of the best hair extension products in the world from Scandinavia / Denmark

Hair extensions and accesories from ConnectingHair /HairContrast  has over 40 years of experience in the hair dressing industry around the world.

Having travelled extensively, competed on the world stage and working in the Australian hairdressing industry since 1974 Barbara Varga and the team know the difference between a 'hair extension' and the right hair extension.

The opportunity to work with hair extensions and accesories the team from CONNECTINGHAIR of Scandinavia has meant that finally there is a European quality product for hair-extension lovers  in Australia at great prices. 

You see when working with hair extensions it is not about you...the is about you client and how they look, feel and yes...what others think of the quality of work you have done.

But we all know that the quality os hair -extensions is not just about the hairdresser but also about the product you use. For the past 7 years we have been looking for a full range hair extension product that would live up to our expectation and Connecting Hair / Hair Contrast Scandinavia is just that.

CONNECTINGHAIR  / HAIRCONTRAST of SCANDINAVIA is made to create any type of hair dreams in minutes, many gorgeous colors, made of the very latest hair quality technology. You will get the best quality and the most beautiful hair extension.

CONNECTINGHAIR / HAIRCONTRAST is a revolution and maybe one of the most powerful tools for the hairdressing to create the hair fashion without limit.

But why should you beleive us?

So for the past 4 years we have been extensively testing CONNECTINGHIAR & HAIRCONTRAST in the Australian market through both our own salon, a dedicated team of professionals and in a range of test markets. The great news is now it is here for you and we are so please to be part of the global CONNECTINGHAIR  & HAIRCONTRAST team that bring you this great product.

Give it a try now and I am sure you will be more than happy...more importantly so will your clients!